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New York - Day 2

Monday morning, and my first full day in New York, after a day of travelling yesterday.

Unfortunately, I woke up to my phone blaring with a severe weather warning alarm - an emergency alert for Manhattan, as flash floods hit the area. I knew that rain last night didn't look good! In the UK we don't really have emergency warnings come up on our phones like this, so I thought the world was ending. Leaving my room onto the streets, I couldn't even see the tops of the buildings, this (below) is the bottom half of the Chrysler building - the top was nowhere to be seen!

Today was the only day of my week in New York that I hadn't scheduled any work for - it was my day to take things at my pace, explore the city, and familiarise myself with the local amenities. The first thing on my to-do list, however, was find some breakfast. Even flash flooding wasn't going to stop me from getting some pancakes! I headed out with my roommate, and wandered down 2nd Avenue in the pouring rain, with pancakes as the only goal. We stumbled across Cafe Olympia - it was quiet, looked warm, and served food 24/7. Pancakes, bacon and egg ordered, I made my plan for the day. The severe weather limited my options to mainly indoor activities, but this was New York, its not like that reduced my options dramatically!