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New York - Day 1

"Day 1" was very much a combination of about 2 days for me - the day before traveling, and the day of travelling. The day before I set off, I was very much focused on making sure I had all my portfolio items ready, and any promotional materials all packaged and ready to go... double checking, triple checking... checking for the 50th time. Through all of this, I was very much not bothered about if my clothes were packed, or if I had enough space for souvenirs - my portfolio is like my baby, and it was very much a VIP passenger.

Many people will say not to eat too much before you travel. I disagree. Eat everything before you travel. EMPTY THAT FRIDGE. Not only does this mean that you don't waste anything, but you're also full enough to save yourself from paying £15 for a questionably sweaty airport toastie #LifeHack! What pairs best with a curious buffet of student leftovers? Sleep. Because we were leaving from Falmouth a little after midnight, sleep was scheduled on the bus to London. Arriving in London at 6:30am, I checked in, and did the usual airport rubbish. Perfume that costs a months rent? Sure, I'll have a browse. What book am I going to read the 1st page of, and then bookmark while I watch 8 hours worth of films?

8 hours of films later, I was in America! Flying over a tiny slither of Canada was beautiful, and made me want to visit even more. Easily the best plane-window view I have ever had - Even better than flying into Iceland.

I flew into Newark, NJ, so a little bus ride was needed to get to NYC, as if I hadn't spent enough time on busses in the past 24 hours. With a 5 hour time difference, and minimal sleep, this journey between New Jersey and New York was awfully tempting to sleep though - though the excitement of seeing the city in the distance for the first time swiftly woke me up!

I headed straight to my hostel after arriving in the city, checked in, and the weather soon took a very drastic change for the worse. I mean I have NEVER seen rain like it before. I made it out for a quick look around, before finding some dinner, and then heading to a local bar with my roommate for a catch up and a few rums before crashing out for the evening. I couldn't have been more content - rum in hand, pouring rain outside, first night in a new place, hockey on the telly, and a week of adventuring planned, starting bright and early the next morning.







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