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Grad Show 2018

​It has taken 3 long years to get here, but the graduate show is finally here!

You can check out the shows from Friday 25th May, running until Wednesday 30th May 2018 (10am until 4pm), at Falmouth's Woodlane Campus.

In Illustration, we've been working hard all week to transform our working studio into the Grad Show exhibition space. The lingering smell of deadline "meals" (mainly chips and coffee) has been replaced with the smell of buckets full of fresh white paint, and as many post-deadline treats as possible. I've spent countless hours cleaning, sanding, filling, and re-sanding my board even before I could begin painting.

The painted board looked almost too perfect to ruin with work - I should have planned the layout of my board to coincide with the various dents, holes, and huge black stripes. From battered wooden boards, to pristine white spaces in a few days - it's safe to say the studio looked a little different, even before any work went up!

I am someone that likes a plan (Virgo 'til I die) - my whole board had been measured up, and drawn to scale in Illustrator, during the board preparation process. This allowed me to plan exactly where each piece was to go, make best use of the space, and find a way of making sure that the distance between each artwork was equal. I knew I wanted to fill the board with work. To me, there was not much point in printing huge copies of my artwork, that showed a narrow view of my style and interests, but instead to plan this properly to include a range of work, and organise it in a way that used the space, but wasn't too dense and confusing to look at.

I am so pleased with my grad show display, and the way I fit everything in. I measured the width of masking tape, and factored this into the mock up as the spacing between artwork - this meant that everything was level, and equal! As you can see, I also dragged a little table in to display my portfolio on, as well as some freebies. Who doesn't like a free sticker and pencil?!

comment on my work, whether it be good or bad. I had some amazing comments, from people young and old, from the public, as well as from within Falmouth University. The comments from first and second year Illustration students were my favourite, as well as one little girl that drew ME a picture! As well as the freebies that were rapidly squirrelled away by visitors, a small sketchbook was left on the table with the request that people leave me a

Some of the kindest reflections though, came from my peers. After 3 years studying alongside each other, it is lovely to have a memory book of lovely comments, and hard proof that they liked me - definitely handy for the 10 year reunion, and bragging rights when they hit the big time!

The Grad Shows are open for public viewing from Friday 25th May, until Wednesday 30th May 2018 (10am until 4pm), at Falmouth's Woodlane Campus.







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